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Labor Day:090709

September 7, 2009

Today is Labor Day. Quite frankly I find it confusing .  What does it all mean this celebration of “Labor”?

I would like it to mean a celebration of how we earn our living regardless of guild or union affiliation.  Many have sacrifices been made in the name of the right to earn a fair wage and provide for oneself and family.   See U.S. Gov History:  It has become increasingly clear that this journey in today’s work world is far more personal and one does not have organizations or groups to rely on for job security and income security.  Things move way too fast and quite frankly the system is not set up to react to say a protest or picket.

In the field of technology and innovation maybe Labor Day should be considered “Spread the Labor Day”.  Work is far more distributed and freely exchanged over borders and networks often in a completely invisible fashion.  I have a better relationship with my IT services representative in Mombai than with my local banker, union leader?, or politician.

Maybe as things spread out people will reach a level of independence in a much more fast and fair manner.